auto parts storage

Auto Parts Storage

Your parts department should run as smoothly as any other aspect of your business. When there is a slow parts response time or a lack of organization within your parts department, your bottom line shows it. Adding any of the auto parts storage solutions offered by Craft to your operation, you gain valuable minutes with your customers that would have been spent searching for parts.

Make Your Parts Department More Profitable

Your parts department should operate as a profit center. To determine profit potential, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you turning away customers because a part or accessory is not in stock or cannot be located?
  • Are your technicians waiting at the counter for needed parts instead of finishing a repair?
  • Is your CSI (Customer Service Index) not meeting the industry standard?
  • Is excessive capital tied up in obsolete or slow-moving inventory?
  • Do Parts personnel spend more time hunting for parts than servicing customers?
  • Are new model introduction parts difficult to absorb into your Parts Department?
  • Does your Parts Department show inconsistent inventory turns?
  • Does your Parts Department produce unsatisfactory payback or ROI (return-on-investment)?
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