Bulky Bin Shelving: Box Edge Plus

box edge plusWhen needing to store larger parts, Craft has cost-saving solutions that allow you to quickly, easily and effectively retrieve large, heavy, long or bulky items with less effort.

Steel shelving units offered by Craft are available in open, closed, cabinet types or fitted with high density drawers. We carry versatile bin and shelving units that are constructed strong and durable. Made for larger heavier parts and can be configured in a variety of bin-types and shelving options. Constructed with perforated end panels for an inexpensive future expansion solution allowing you to add storage to row ends or unused wall space for changing your needs.

Typical application uses include warehouse storage, maintenance departments, paint shops the limits stop where storage needs do. So even if visible product storage is ideal for moving or impulse purchases, we have bins and shelving units for you.

Craft Also Carries:

Craft’s Auto Parts Storage Benefits:

  • Quicker and More Accurate Parts Selecting
  • Improved Productivity and Efficiency
  • Lower Overall Dealership Expenses
  • Improved Floor Space
  • Tough, Durable and Long Lasting

Get the most out of your auto part storage space with the new generation of cost effective versatile bulky bin and shelving units carried by Craft. For more information, contact Craft today.