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Craft Offers Storage and Retrieval Solutions for High Performance Buildings

Craft Equipment is an authorized business partner for Modula and has provided automated solutions to agencies and departments of the Federal Government throughout the world. These systems provide increased productivity, ergonomics, reduction in floor space, ADA compliance and increased ease of operation.

Executive Order 13423

Craft’s automated storage and retrieval systems can help your company comply with Executive Order 13423 to become sustainable. Executive Order 13423 mandates strengthening federal environmental, energy and transportation management calling on all federal agencies to reduce energy and water consumption, utilize sustainable building design and construction and reduce fleet vehicle petroleum use.

As the leading consumer of energy, the executive order requires all federal agencies to reduce energy intensity (energy consumption per square foot of building space) by three percent annually through the year 2015. That’s a total reduction of thirty percent in energy consumption by the year 2015. The executive order also calls for a two percent annual reduction in water intensity through 2015, an overall sixteen percent reduction by the year 2015. The executive order states that, all new construction and major renovations of agency buildings must utilize sustainable design as detailed in the Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings memorandum. Furthermore, fifteen percent of existing federal buildings must incorporate sustainable practices by the year 2015.

LEED Green Building Design Triple Bottom Line Initiative

How does the government continue to manage facilities while reducing their impact on the environment? They do it by reducing the carbon footprint in any and every opportunity. The business case for building green using sustainable design and construction is supported by the three cornerstones, known as the triple bottom line: environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity. Craft can help in your mission to build sustainable green buildings or redesign existing buildings to meet green standards.

Performance and Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the air, water, land and ecosystems, as well as conserving resources, including fossil fuels, preserves the earth’s resources for future generations and should be a goal for every company. Performance is environmental stewardship and environmental stewardship means protecting the air, water and land while conserving resources, including fossil fuels. High performance equipment carried by Craft helps reduce the amount of physical space required, allowing buildings to be constructed smaller and far more efficient. These high performance buildings reduce energy and water consumption which helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Utilizing “Floor to truss” space maximization, is how Craft can reclaim up to eighty-five percent of the space used by file cabinets, tool, drawer systems, shelving and rack. Craft customers can reduce their total building construction footprint by up to fifteen percent by using Craft equipment throughout their facility. These savings provide a lifetime of performance and environmental stewardship while saving building maintenance and energy costs.

Ergonomics and Social Responsibility

Improving the quality of life and equity for individuals, communities and society as a whole is an attainable goal. Craft carries technologies that are on the cutting edge of the best ergonomic practices and products. Ergonomics is a social responsibility, helping to improve the quality of life and equity for individuals, communities and society as a whole and is just part of what Craft equipment provides to your organization. Does your current storage and retrieval equipment offer full accessibility to all your personnel? The use of Craft equipment provides full ergonomic access for all of your employees. Every Media Station Craft carries complies fully with the “Barrier Removal Act” to accommodate your entire work force and eliminate fatigue by automatically bringing items toward the operator allowing for increased productivity from your entire workforce regardless of ability.

Productivity and Economic Prosperity

Reducing costs, adding value and creating economic opportunity for individuals, organizations, communities and nations should be the goal. Productivity is economic prosperity. Reducing costs, adding value and creating economic opportunity is a tangible result of organizations using automated storage and retrieval systems carried by Craft. Craft systems can increase operator productivity up to sixty-six percent. The increased productivity levels translate quickly into reduced labor requirements which will help reduce the facility’s energy consumption and carbon foot print.

Automated systems deliver items to the operator eliminating all wasted walk and search time. Easy controls and inventory management software allow organizations to use batch picking and integrated pick-to-light technologies to increased picking accuracy and speeds. Many Craft customers find that their systems provide a return on investment in less than eighteen months. This is accomplished by assessing floor space requirements, decreasing labor costs, facility maintenance and energy costs while increasing your sustainability, creating great economic benefits.

Craft & Modula strive to be a GSA business partner that:

  • Supports and promotes the achievement of federal business goals and strategies
  • Reduces federal overhead by providing the best value products and services available
  • Facilitates improved taxpayer service delivery by placing better quality, higher performing supplies, information, and support service in the hands of federal managers
  • Is more efficient, timely, and GSA customer focused
  • Produces better information to support planning and execution of the procurement function
  • Encourages the participation of all the nation's diverse human and business resources in a revitalized economy
  • Demands that all Modula business be conducted under the highest ethical standards
  • Provide GSA quotes, system design and ROI evaluation, installation, service, relocation and modification of existing systems.

Contact us today and see how Craft along with Modula will work with you to find the Automated Storage solutions that can help you meet your GSA and sustainability goals.

GSA Contract Number: GS-25F-0038M

October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2011
Multimedia Office Cabinets, Displays & Filing Systems, Including Pocket Card Frames and Portfolios
FSC Group 36
Special Item Number 165 205

Table of Awarded Items:

  • 165-205 MediaStation 115 & 125 Electric Lateral Files
  • 165-205 120 Electric Lateral Files
  • 165-205 MegaStation Vertical Carousels
  • 165-205 MegaLift Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)
  • 165-205 Horizontal Carousels

Geographic Coverage:

48 Contiguous States & The District of Columbia