doghouseUsed to accommodate you individual loading needs.

Side and Rear Door Doghouses

Ideal for ground loading applications and offers a completely enclosed charge box and lockable door latch for extra safety and control. Place the door on the left, right or both sides for convenient loading. A Doghouse with Rear Door is perfect for circumstances where the unit is picked up at the packer end. Requires access interlock.

Mailbox Style Doghouse

Ideal for apartment complexes and convenience centers. The door pulls down similar to a mailbox for loading.

barndoorDoghouseBarn Door or Storm Cellar Door Doghouse

Available in side feed, rear feed or both to accommodate your particular loading needs. Use on the Dual Recycling Compactor (DRC II) when two separate feed openings are required. Requires access interlock.

Telescoping Chute/Doghouse

Designed for self-contained compactors installed in enclosed space. The chute “telescopes” out for loading and then retracts for transport to the landfill. Tenants load waste through an access door on the outside of the enclosure.

Additional Compactor Equipment Options

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