Container Fullness & Usage Measuring Systems

Craft carries TrashMinder, the most advanced system for monitoring waste compaction. The software generates reports which display compactor status or usage information. It is an easy way to keep tabs on measuring and reporting container fullness.

Some features of TrashMinder Monitoring System include:
  • Full Container Light: Indicates when the container is full and the compactor automatically stops.
  • Advanced Warning Light: Automatically senses the hydraulic system pressure.
  • Pressure Gauges: Indicates the packer’s system pressure and allows the operator to determine when the container is reaching its “packed out” state.
  • Also available in a Dual Needle Pressure Gauge
trashMinderTrashMinder Models
  • Pager-Alert Fullness Unit (M100P)
  • Fax-Alert Fullness Unit (M110F)
  • Fullness Management System (M150MS)
  • Combination Fullness/Usage Management Syestem (M300)
  • Usage Management System (M250MS)
  • Key Access Control

Additional Compactor Equipment Options

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