Cycle Control Systems

This includes cycle control, automatic shutdown, jog control station, pressure control and timers.

photoCycleControlPhotoelectric Cycle Control

This kit consists of a LED light source and reflector. When the light beam is interrupted for 15 seconds, the packer will automatically activate and continue running until the light source is no longer interrupted. Mount on the chute, attach to the packer or place on opposite walls of the room for easy installation.

Automatic Shutdown

Prevents extended continuous packer operation to avoid unnecessary wear and tear to the packer. This includes a timer that may be set up to 30 minutes, an illuminated push button to let the operator know why the unit has shut down, plus other completing parts.

jogControlJog Control Station

This allows for manual compactor operation consisting of a three position key switch: “Remote”, “OFF” and “Bypass”. The three position selector switch includes: “Ram Extend”, “OFF” and “Ram Retract”. This is useful for chute fed installations, where access into the building may be difficult.

holdToRunHold To Run Button - Sustained Manual Pressure Control Button

Requires that the compactor operator remain at the remote push button station while the compactor is in use. If the “Hold To Run” button is released, the unit will automatically shut off.

Multi-Cycle Timer

This timer is preset by Marathon at 3 cycles but may be adjusted by the user. It is installed in the electrical panel box and is ranges from 0 seconds to 17 minutes, automatically activating when the “Start” button is depressed.

Programmed Timer

To automatically start the compactor, this timer may be adjusted from 3-30 minutes. Choose this option when the compactor is conveyor fed or when the refuse is fed to the compactor at a predictable rate. This timer includes a three position selector switch: “Automatic”, “OFF” and “Manual” modes.

Additional Compactor Equipment Options

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