For directing your waste into the compactor and reducing hazards. The Side Feed and Rear Feed Hoppers are designed to meet all of ANSI and OSHA standards.

hoppers3-Sided, Side Feed Hopper

Designed for loading material from ground level by hand, cart dumper system or forklift for left or right side loading.

3-Sided, Rear Feed Hopper

The Hinged Access Gate and the Access Interlock Switch are included in the Rear Feed Hopper assembly. A Sustained Manual Pressure Control may also be furnished with the packer. This hopper may also be used with Treadplate Top Cover and Hand/Toe Rails.

4-Sided Rear Feed Hopper

This is for dock loading applications and eliminates the need for an access gate, interlock switch and the “hold to run, release to stop” button on Marathon’s self-contained compactors/containers.

Access Interlock Switch

Mounted on the security door frame or access gate. This prevents operation of the packer while the door or gate is open.

counterbalanceLidRear Feed Hopper

Ideal for dock loading applications and includes a lid that completely encloses the hopper opening and requires minimum effort to open and close.

Treadplate Top Cover

Secured to the top of the packer. It is available is either 700 ib. or 8,000 lb. capacity.

retainerTeethHinged Breaker Bar Retainer Teeth

This helps prevent clutter in the charge box. As the ram retracts, the teeth engage the material to keep it in the container.

Additional Compactor Equipment Options

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