Flow Rack

Over the past three decades, Craft has carried storage racks that have earned a reputation as being the best engineered, best made racks on the market. The manufacturers we use are dedicated to designing and producing the best in the industry, like the SK3400® series flow storage system. With flow storage systems, the rack structure provides the foundation for the system and flow rail assemblies are critical to the proper functioning of the system.

flow rack SK3400Unlike most other flow systems, Craft offers single source responsibility for SK3400®, as the dealer of both racks and flow components. Craft carries the SK3400® on a turnkey basis, from the initial concept through engineering, manufacturing, installation and start-up. There are many variables affecting the proper combination of flow storage components, and Craft has the experience to make your system work right, right from the start.

  • Custom designs to meet your system requirements - including full roller, shorter roller and skate wheel options
  • In house testing facility ensures the proper system is designed to fit your pallet, product and workflow. Tests are videotaped and provide to you for your approval and complete satisfaction
  • Designs are easily expandable and adaptable to meet future requirements

Efficient and cost effective, flow storage systems combine excellent space utilization and FIFO inventory control with flexible selectivity options. Flow storage is essential for managing perishable and time-sensitive products in high density storage areas.

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