Pushback Rack

When space is crucial, the SK3600® Pushback Rack is king. Save money storing more product in less space. A pushback rack system fills the storage cube with product, not aisles. Instead of single pallet-deep selective racks, a pushback rack system lets you store pallets 2 to 5 deep while retaining easy access to a variety of different SKUs. Pushback rack concept pallets are placed by forklift on nested carts riding on inclined rails. Each pallet is then pushed back by subsequent pallet loading, exposing the next cart. When removing product, the forklift takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack. The nested carts make placement and retrieval easy.

  • SK3600 pushback rackBetter use of warehouse space - up to 90% more product storage than selective rack systems
  • Store a variety of SKUs on different levels of lanes for easy product access
  • Interlocking carts help prevent dangerous jamming and costly product damage
  • Increased selectivity - up to 400% more selectivity than drive-in racks
  • High storage density coupled with selectivity for faster pick rates
  • Color coded carts for easy visual inventory
  • Standard carts offer a large target for loading and unloading - custom cart designs are available for weak pallet supports, non-standard pallets or other special pallets and containers.
  • LIFO inventory control

Unlike a pushback rack system assembled from one manufacturer's components and installed on another's rack, Craft carries and distributes complete pushback rack and industrial storage systems for single source responsibility. If there's ever a problem, the solution is one call away. Craft can specially design pushback rack systems to meet your requirements, including: weak pallet support, non-standard pallet sizes, and other special pallets.

For more information about the SK3600® Pushback Rack and other industrial storage rack solutions carried by Craft Equipment contact Craft today.

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