Specialty Racks

Craft specializes in the design and distribution of custom storage rack solutions. With access to CAD, Craft can fabricate racking solutions for a wide variety of industries and warehouse storage problems, including automated storage and retrieval systems, boat racks, carpet racks, die storage racks, over dock racks, and rack supported buildings. We also provide sanitary racks designed to meet strict USDA regulations.

Over Dock Storage Racks

overdock rackEmpty and loose pallets cluttered around loading docks are a common warehouse problem. Besides being an aesthetic issue, loading dock clutter is a safety problem and can lead to operational inefficiency. Over Dock storage racks help solve these problems by storing your empty pallets, in racking, above your loading docks.

The standard SK2000® or SK3000® carried by Craft can be designed and configured to fit around your loading dock doors. In addition, Craft has two unique over-dock racking products to help you efficiently use space and reduce the chance of lift-truck impact: single-leg storage racks and ceiling supported storage racks

  • Single-Leg Design: The single-leg industrial rack design uses an upright frame with a special offset, and a single upright column that clears your door height. Heavy-duty wall ties stabilize the frame. Wall ties and beam length are varied to clear your doors. This design adds no load to your roof structure
  • Ceiling Supported Design: The ceiling supported storage racks MUST be designed and verified with your building architect during the development of your building. Rack frames are bolted, or welded, to the roof trusses of your building. This design provides for no floor level legs that may interfere with forklift traffic.

Die Racks

die rackForming dies are an integral part to many manufacturing processes, from automobile components to paper clips. Dies present manufacturers and fabricators with many storage problems, given their weight, size, and non-stack ability. Heavy-duty die storage racks provided the strength, capacity, and flexibility to efficiently store even the largest dies, providing greater die selectivity and access where ever needed on the production floor.

Die storage racks are perfect for storing dies, motors, jigs, fixtures and other heavy material. Standard die racks feature a solid metal shelf design allowing die placement anywhere along the shelf, and can accommodate a variety of die sizes. Shelf design allows dies to be slid on or off a shelf for easy access and storage. For optimal storage flexibility, shelves can be designed so that they are removable from the uprights and the heights adjustable in 3" increments across the entire vertical height of the upright.

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