mezzanineGreat performance from any operation requires the know-how and ability to use space efficiently. Craft carries various mezzanine and storage product solutions guaranteed to increase your inventory efficiency and add to your bottom line.

We carry mezzanines that exceed stringent industry standards and specified national, state, and local codes and are specifically designed to meet your size, load and span requirements. Our suppliers expertise and extensive manufacturing capability ensures that you receive more value today and for years to come. Designing mezzanines with steel components and heavy-duty columns to ensure safety and stability for years to come.

Mezzanines offer an ideal storing solution that use existing overhead space and little use of your valuable floor space. Craft also offers guarding equipment to help protect your equipment and employees by defining workstations and a traffic flow system in your facility.

We provide structural sound steel mezzanines which utilize existing overhead space so you can operate more efficiently. Giving you access to unutilized space, allowing you to increase valuable working, office, storage, or manufacturing floor space at a fraction of the cost of new construction, while in most cases giving you an added benefit of a significant tax depreciation advantage for your investment. Craft can help you put this space to work fast, with minimal interruption to your working floor area.

When lifting heavy or cumbersome items Craft has you covered. We carry a variety of mechanical lifts that are well suited for single and multi-level applications that demand faster speeds and high cycle rates. A dependable chain drive lifting system has been engineered for the tough duty these applications require and provides long and trouble-free service life.

guardingCraft’s mezzanine specialists will collaborate with your team. Helping to assemble, design and install the most ergonomic, efficient, durable, and reliable Mezzanine Parts Lifts possible for your company, ensuring to keep everything to local and national code. Craft also provides guarding products to your facility safer while ensuring that investment is protected from people and equipment.

With our electrical design capabilities, we can provide you with a complete customized material lift system that is either manually controlled, controlled by your conveyor controls or is fully automated controlling both the material lift and portions of your conveyor system.   

We also carry an assortment of mechanical lifts with either manual or automated controls for multi-level application use. We carry mezzanine lifts with customizable features that include a chain driven lifting system that is capable of lifting a wide range of products and capacities in even the most demanding lifting environments.

Mezzanine application settings include auto parts stores, tire manufactures and stores to, logistic facilities, automotive manufactures and auto dealership’s parts and service departments.

Once you invest, protect. Craft delivers guard solutions proven in thousands of applications and facilities. An extensive range of guardingproducts are available to protect expensive equipment, shield work areas, and help outline traffic patterns for your most important asset your people. Tried, tested, and durable, they provide an effective, easily seen barrier that contributes to a safer and more efficient working environment. All Craft guarding products are constructed of high-strength steel, designed and fabricated to withstand severe impacts from lift trucks or other equipment.

Whether you are storing, lifting or are in need of guarding equipment, Craft can accommodate your most specific requirements. Contact us today visit our online catalog for more information.