Rack Repair

Rack Repair

Repairing your used, damaged or worn rack is a much less expensive alternative then replacing your entire racking system, and at Craft you can count on a one-time replacement solution. We offer a complete line of products to repair any type of rack system permanently and will install the updates ourselves to ensure it is done professionally and properly.

drive-in-1Damaged, unstable rack creates a hazard for your number one asset, your employees. By tailoring the repairs to your exact warehouse needs we can address each problem and create the best repair and prevention solution.

We can help stop the cycle of repairing, damaging, repairing and damaging of your racking investment by implementing a damage prevention system. Installing revolutionary rack protection systems that will provide a virtually damage proof column guard helping to ensure damaging your racking is a thing of the past. Craft will have it installed and you can forget it. No more pallet rack replacement, ever.

Our certified installers’ goal is to avoid rack inconvenience or collapses related to unstable or unsecured racking systems. Nobody deserves to be put at risk. The safety of your warehouse and personnel is our priority. These products are designed to fit any type of pallet rack, respect the original configuration and the integrity of your racking system as well as guard from future damage. These pallet rack systems are custom made to solve your specific needs. Depending on the scope of prevention systems, the height and extend of damage, our repairs and installation can take up to only one hour. Here at Craft we try to minimize your downtime and strive to your exceed requirements.

Craft has you covered, whether its pallet rack repair, pallet rack prevention, pallet rack hardware or pallet rack accessories. So contact Craft today to create a lasting solution for your rack repair needs.