Pallet Racking

rackWhen requiring a racking warehouse or storage solution Craft has you covered. We carry a wide range of Steel King racking systems, offered in multiple styles, for countless application uses and available in an assortment of options.

Craft offers you various storage rack configurations, including selective, cantilever, drive-in, drive thru, push back, gravity flow, over door, boat rack, and rack supported buildings as well as custom configurations. Craft will work with you, analyzing your storage racking needs without obligation, to help you to make an informed choice of the best configurations for your operational goals. Design capabilities yield benefits you can't get from an ordinary steel fabricator. CAD systems allow for accurate manufacturing, quick adaptation of standard designs to unique requirements, and accurate floor plan and drawings for your custom warehouse storage rack system. This allows for quicker assembly and better utilization of space in your facility.

pallet rackPallet Racking

Rack systems take full advantage of your vertical storage space. And this is particularly important when square footage is lacking. Rack is ideal for storing many items such as carpet rolls, furniture, lumber, tubing, tires, textiles, piping, and similar items. Learn More >

cantileverCantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is an ideal solution for storing long, bulky or odd-shaped items. Flexible and versatile, this racking system is designed to minimize product damage from unnecessary maneuvering due to the lack of traditional frames and columns. Learn More >

drive in rackDrive-In/Thru Rack

A highly effective racking system for high-density storage, drive-in/thru rack allows the forklift operator to drive into the rack structure. This system has the ability to store a significant amount more than traditional racking systems and hold up to six pallets deep. We offer a wide variety of safety options for drive-in racking, including offset front legs, heavy horizontals, reinforcement posts, welded-angle column protectors, free standing column protectors, wider footplates, and seismic designs. Learn More >

flow rackFlow Rack

With the use of a first in/first out rotation, flow rack can be utilized when perishable or time-sensitive products are being stored. This high-density storage system allows for constant product rotation and includes slanted rack lanes for easy operator retrieval. Learn More >

portable rackPortable Racks

We offer portable racking systems for multiple storage needs. Our units are lightweight and durable, perfect for transporting the rack when needed. The sturdy design and compact features make it a dependable portable racking system. Learn More >

pushback rackPushback Rack

Pushback rack utilizes up to 90% more storage space than traditional racking systems. The use of movable carts that rest at the front of the system lets you load materials at the front and then have them pushed to the back of the racking system. Learn More >

specialty rackSpecialty Rack

If you have a racking need that requires a different racking solution than shown on our website, we also have specialty rack available for multiple industry applications. Contact our innovative team today and we will help design a system that is right for you. Learn More >

Durable Custom Designed Racks

Do you need a rigid, collapsible, or adjustable shipping rack? Craft will alter the size, weight capacity, construction materials, etc. to make a shipping rack that fits your product, the way you want. We carry racks that are structurally stable for up to 2 or 3-high shipping, and up to 6-high warehouse stacking. All designed products are with a dedication to quality, including AWS certified welding and use of structural materials for a heavy-duty, durable and long-lasting product.

Craft will customize a returnable storage solution to solve your logistics problems, and save you money. Craft specializes in the production of a wide variety of steel storage racks, including custom designed returnable shipping racks that allow flexibility for parts or applications. Over the years, we has developed many shipping racks for parts ranging from windows, to engines, to doors, to bumpers, to lawn mowers, to mufflers, to multiple component kit racks and everything in between.

Whatever racking or shelving requirements you have remember, Craft has you covered. So for more information about racking solutions from Craft contact us today visit our online catalog.