Compaction Containers

Craft carries the line of RamJet Stationary Compactors which have been the standard for the industry for more than 40 years and are known for their longevity and efficiency. The carefully designed Octagon roll-off compaction containers come in three different sizes to fit your needs: 30, 40 and 43 cubic yards. The Octagon Compaction Container results in high-density compaction due to the rolling effect of solid waste filling all voids. Rectangular Compaction Containers are also available to you in 47 and 42 cubic yard sizes.

  • RJ-225
  • RamJet RJ225RJ-225HD
  • RJ-225 Ultra
  • RJ-550
  • RJ-275XHD
  • RJ-275
  • RJ-325
  • RJ-325HD
  • RJ-400 Ultra
  • RJ-450
  • RJ575HD

tank tc300Craft Equipment also carries Trash Commander TANK compactors that are perfect for commercial applications where space may be limited but the demand for compaction is needed. TANK is perfect for grocery stores, warehouses, department stores, large restaurants and much more.

  • TC-220T
  • TC225-T
  • TC-300T



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