Self-Contained Compactors - Wet Waste

Self contained compactors are generaly used at sites that produce greater than 100 cubic yards of “wet” waste per week. Craft Equipment Company carries a variety of self-contained compactors that all meet ANSI and OSHA standards. We also have optional features such as the Qwik Clean Door that provides access to the area behind the ram of the compactors, as well as the StreamLine Option that allows excess liquid to be drained from the container reducing weight and hauling costs.

We all love having options, and with Craft Equipment Company you can have just that. Please see our available compactor options below.

self contained compactor 218-sc wgateSelf-Contained Compactor Options:

  • GreenBuilt RJ-250SC
  • RJ-250SC
  • RJ-250SC Ultra
  • RJ-250SC ET
  • RJ-250 HT with Hydraulic Tailgate
  • RJ-100SC
  • RJ-100SC Ultra
  • RJ-88SC
  • RJ-88HT 16-20 Cubic Yard Capacity w/ Hydraulic Tailgate
  • Dual Recycling Compactor- DRC
  • PAK-TITE (PT) Series

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