Transfer Systems

Craft Equipment features Marathon’s BlokPak 3000 Transfer Systems to fit your budget and your specific processing requirements.

The BlokPak 3000 Transfer System is a high volume system that offers maximum payloads by precompacting waste against a retractable gate. This creates dense logs of waste and ejects them into transfer trailers at 90 tons per hour. This product is fits perfectly into existing transfer station facilities or new construction facilities with minimal site preparation.

Being Marathon’s largest transfer system compactor, the BlokPak continues its process until the maximum payload is achieved.

blok pak appOptional Equipment:

Marathon’s Transfer System Compactors have several options to choose from.

Trailer connection systems
  • Hydraulic Scissor
  • Hydraulic Grab Claw
EZ-TRAX Conveyors

An efficient way to feed your transfer system